wwii appraisalsIf you’re just curious  how much your WWII item is worth and not wanting to sell, I am happy to offer free appraisals.  Value of WWII items range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.  Some sites charge $35 per item for appraisals. We do not charge fees for this service. Emails will be responded to quickly and professionally.  Most emails will be responded to in less than 10 minutes during normal business hours.


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The Internets best WWII Appraisal site.

Quick, Free, and Honest.

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Here is a quick reference for pricing your WWII memorabilia. Prices quoted are average retail prices for complete pieces and your item may be more or less expensive than quoted here, but it should give you a rough idea.  Please understand the offer that I make will be less than this.


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